Halo Zero

The history of Halo.... in 2D


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Halo Zero, what does this sound like? Very well, most likely it sounds like the marvelous Halo game for the Xbox console, well here you have a 2D version of the game available.

Halo Zero is an action game in 2D, based on the history of the previous Halo One, in which, you will be using a truly great amount of weapons that you will be picking up throughout the story of the game to finish off all the enemies that you find.

In Halo Zero you will find yourself in a game with a taste of the past, since this game is in 2D, it will surely remind you of previous games like Robocop, Batman..., from your old computer. But do not think that this game will behave like those games from many years ago.

Halo Zero incorporates great graphics and a great playability just like you have been used to seeing from this gaming title.

To play you will have to use the mouse and keyboard, moving your character with your cursers and the weapons with your mouse. Without a doubt a game will allow you to spend a lot of time in front of your computer. Also this game includes a multiplayer option to play against your friends online!

Without a doubt, if you like to play action games and you're a fan of Halo, this game will show you the moments before Halo One!
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